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Tomkiw Mackewich, PLC - Attorneys For Business

Tomkiw Mackewich, a law firm located in the heart of Royal Oak, Michigan, represents leading businesses in the areas of labor & employment, business formation, planning & transactions, corporate finance, general corporate counsel, and litigation.

Our business clients are diverse in size and character. We represent entrepreneurs, investors, financial institutions, software companies, internet companies, manufacturing facilities, retail establishments,  restaurants, consulting companies, advertising agencies, medical professionals, religious institutions and public bodies.


You're Fired! And Don't Forget Your Non-Compete!

Andrey Tomkiw presented “You’re Fired! And Don’t Forget Your Non-Compete!” at the American Society of Employers’ Employment Law Workshop on September 18, 2014. Mr. Tomkiw discussed guidelines to help employers be proactive in protecting their company’s confidential information and preventing employee mobility. Please contact Tomkiw Mackewich, PLC for assistance with everything your company needs to know about restrictive covenants, from drafting to execution to ensuring their enforceability.

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Andrey Tomkiw Named to List of Super Lawyers for 6th Consecutive Year

Andrey Tomkiw has been recognized by Super Lawyers 2014 for his expertise in Employment & Labor law for the 6th consecutive year. Mr. Tomkiw has dedicated his legal career to representing employers in labor and employment law cases, and in related business matters. Mr. Tomkiw frequently counsels clients on a range of important issues, including workplace policies, employee benefits, non-compete agreements, and various commercial disputes. He has represented employers in front of numerous state and federal agencies with successful results.

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John Mackewich Named to Super Lawyers List of Rising Stars 2014

Congratulations to John Mackewich for being named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers 2014 for his work in Business/Corporate law. Mr. Mackewich has extensive experience in general corporate and business law, private and public securities offerings, venture capital financing, mergers and acquisitions, and international law.

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How Not to Burn Bridges When the Employment Relationship Ends

Employment relationships are constantly in flux and the bigger the business, the more frequently employees will be joining and leaving the company. From an employer’s perspective, an employee leaving for a different job is not necessarily a bad thing, but certain employee behavior can burn the proverbial bridge no matter who ended the relationship.

Some of the behaviors that employers look favorably on when the relationship ends include:

  • Accept the employer’s severance package
  • Cooperate with your employer in order to make the transition seamless
  • Refrain from discussing the end of the employment relationship until details have been worked out and negotiated
  • Avoid making emotional decisions – take a step back, breath, and think before you take action that could be detrimental to you and your employer.

On the other hand, some behaviors are surefire ways to ruin your relationship with your former employer:

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Right to Work Panel Analysis

On March 11th, Andrey Tomkiw along with Frank Mamat and Mark Gaffney spoke to the Association for Corporate Growth on Michigan’s Right to Work Law.

The panelists answered a number of questions posed by moderator Christopher Barrett. The audience became both interested and concerned when the risks of withdrawal liability were discussed. Both Mr. Mamat and Mr. Tomkiw shared experiences where clients were exposed to significant liabilities because of withdrawal from a multi-employer pension plan. To follow up on the discussion this morning, Tomkiw Mackewich wanted to offer a more thorough explanation of withdrawal liability and Right to Work’s impact on employers.

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John D. Mackewich Named Partner

Andrey Tomkiw is pleased to announce the addition of new partner, John D. Mackewich, along with a firm name change to Tomkiw Mackewich, PLC.

A graduate of the University of Toledo Law School and Wayne State University, Mackewich specializes in general corporate and business law, private and public securities offerings, venture capital financing, mergers and acquisitions, and international law and is conversational in both German and Chinese. With Mackewich’s significant experience and proven track record, the firm will carry on its legacy with one clear goal in mind: to provide clients with the guidance and resources needed to succeed at an exceptional value, meeting and exceeding that goal for a wide range of clients, including businesses, governmental bodies, communities, religious institutions, and individuals.

“John has been such an asset to this firm’s success and I am proud to be partnering with him to continue expanding the legal services we are able to provide to our clients,” said Andrey Tomkiw, founding partner of Tomkiw Mackewich, PLC. “John’s experience with financial and international law will prove invaluable to this firm’s capabilities and growth.”

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Andrey Tomkiw Panelist for ACG "Right to Work - One Year Later: How the New Landscape Can Kill a Deal"

Andrey Tomkiw will be a panelist for ACG Detroit's "Right to Work: One Year Later - How the New Landscape Can kill a Deal." 

In December 2012 Governor Rick Snyder signed into law the "Workplace Fairness and Equity Act" that took effective March 28, 2013. One year later, what has right-to-work meant for Michigan's M&A community? How can it kill a deal? What should investment bankers, private equity firms and business owners know about the changing labor landscape? These questions and more will be answered with a lively discussion on Michigan's right-to-work law. Please join us on Tuesday March 11 to hear from distinguished experts representing both management and labor who will share their views on this new law and how it will affect your business. 


Visit the ACG Detroit website to Register.

March 11, 2014


at Oakland Hills

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Tomkiw Enwright Featured in MI Lawyers Weekly Million-Dollar Judgments 2013

Read details of the $1.04 Judgment obtained by Tomkiw Enwright in the January 27, 2014 issue of MI Lawyers Weekly.

Type of action: Breach of employment agreement

Name of case: Cranbrook Financial Group Inc. v. Brandimarte

Court/Case no./Date: Oakland County Circuit Court; 12-131046-CB; June 12, 2013

Tried before: Judge

Name of judge: Denise Langford Morris

Judgment amount: $1.04 million

Attorneys for plaintiff: Andrey T. Tomkiw, John D. Mackewich

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Andrey Tomkiw Named to List of Super Lawyers for 5th Consecutive Year

Andrey Tomkiw has received the distinction of being named to Michigan's List of Super Lawyers for a fifth consecutive year. Mr. Tomkiw has received this honor in 2013 for his expertise in Employment & Labor and Business/Corporate Law. Andrey Tomkiw has dedicated his legal career to representing employers in labor and employment law cases, and in related business matters.

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Andrey Tomkiw Discusses Obtaining $1.04 Million Judgment

Andrey Tomkiw discusses with Michigan Lawyers Weekly the legal strategy used in obtaining a $1.04 million Judgment in favor of Cranbrook Financial Group, Inc.

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