How Not to Burn Bridges When the Employment Relationship Ends
Thursday, March 20, 2014
Tomkiw Mackewich in Blog Entry, Michigan Labor and Employment Law

Employment relationships are constantly in flux and the bigger the business, the more frequently employees will be joining and leaving the company. From an employer’s perspective, an employee leaving for a different job is not necessarily a bad thing, but certain employee behavior can burn the proverbial bridge no matter who ended the relationship.

Some of the behaviors that employers look favorably on when the relationship ends include:

On the other hand, some behaviors are surefire ways to ruin your relationship with your former employer:

The most important characteristic in the end of any employment relationship should be professionalism from both the employee and the employer. A smooth, professional change in the employment relationship is best for both the employee and the employer. The employer is more likely to act as a reference and assist in the employee’s future job searches and the employer benefits with better employee morale, more time to plan, and (generally) a smaller legal bill.

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